Missoula Montana, a blue bastion in a sea of red. Thursday Air Force 1 will touch down so prez dickhead can spew his madness among a few of his cult following. Of course, it’s ticket only, and his two Montana finger puppets, Greg Gienforte noted press pugilist and gay basher, and Matt (Ping) Rosendale, senate candidate and pretend gun slinger rancher, will all be there, but that might be it! Apparently tickets are being snapped up by no shows. Kind of a unique way to protest and show our disapproval for the clown prince. According to the press the plane lands, taxies out to the end of the run way to a storage barn, no one can get close unless you got a ticket, he gets out does a short bit, climes back on, toilet paper and all, and flys off to Elko, Nevada. I don’t think there will be much press coverage because there won’t be much to cover. This is all happening not that he likes Rosendale or Gienforte, this is happening because he hates John Tester for protecting veterans by shit canning Dr feel good for the VA administration. This will be trumps third trip to Montana for this election! I’m not sure what is going to happen in Montana for this important election, but I’m sure of this, Missoula is not trump country and a real poor place for a gop barn dance.

Yeeeeee, Haaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! Ridem Cowboy!!!!!!!!!!



Dhat888 - The Wizard Speaks

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