Unfortunately, as represented by the 2016 election, we have approximately 41% of our population that think that living out the values of the 1950’s is a better place to be. Elections have consequences, and unfortunately we all will suffer the politics of hate and fear of change for a very long time. The religious right, white nationalism, and all that goes with it, has been emboldened and condoned by this administration. Conservative judges appointed, racist, homophobic, anti Jew, anti women groups have been called, “good people”, oh, my friend, we have a big job ahead of us. Loved your post! Over the last three years I have learned a lot about friends and family, and have been saddened to the point of tears by the hypocrisy and hatred I hear from people I think should know better. Hallmark is just another symptom of the fear of change instigated by the inability to love one another and respect the differences in all of us. Keep writing and keep an open mind. Peace ☮️ D

Dhat888 - The Wizard Speaks