Donald Trump opened his international education today by being lectured by the president of Mexico on emigration, international trade, and the practical application of wall building. Trump, looking pale, sick, and confused, stood silent while President Nieto explained the complicated nuances of international trade and the responsibilities of being next door neighbors in an uncertain and rapidly changing world. In response, Trump did not use his usual bluster,or make fun of the Mexican Presidents obviously small penis. Not once did he use the words “Huge”, “only I can fix it”, “ I like heroes that don’t get caught”, “ they’re all rapists and drug dealers”, and a crowd favorite, make spastic moves with arms and weird sounds with your mouth.

The Trump campaign called the meeting a great success and Donald had learned a lot. He is now a changed man, and will give us his enlighten views tonight in his speech on emigration in Phoenix, if his Imodium kicks in.

Dhat888 - The Wizard Speaks