Tony, you are obviously a real smart kid, and if we were in a room somewhere I’m sure we could have a great conversation. I’m sure we probably couldn’t change each other’s minds, but it would be interesting nonetheless. As you know, both Bill and Hillary Clinton have been political animals since they were in high school. Both were activists, both became lawyers, both got into politics, and because of the lives they have chosen to live, both have been scrutinized, harassed, investigated, threatened, dehumanized, and now have to endure the insulting ravings of a carnival barker! One thing you can’t deny, they are not quitters. To me, this equates to strength. Ms. Clinton is the most qualified, stable, imperfect human being that has ever run for president. I’m an old man, I remember the day Kennedy was shot, I remember the day King was shot, lots of things I wanted to happen then still haven’t to this day. I’m not saying loose your idealism, or to not hold your leaders feet to the fire, but she’s still standing. Keith and Mick said it better than I can. “ You can’t always get what you want, you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometime, you just might find, you get what you need. Peace, D

Dhat888 - The Wizard Speaks

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