Dennis Hatfield
2 min readJul 18, 2020


I’ll make this short and scary! trump’s “brown shirts” have made their second known appearance in Portland Oregon! Their first known appearance was in Washington DC for trump’s bible shot in front of St.Johns, the historic Episcopal church that trump used for his bible photo op. He needed his private goon force to clear the way. Where did these “brown shirts”, hired guns, mercenary thugs, private army, come from?!!!

Without invitation, without need, without identification, without marked vehicle’s, in camo, in body armor, armed to the hilt, hired storm troopers appeared out of nowhere to take control of what, up to that moment, was a demonstration that could be handled easily by local authorities!

Remind you of anything? Maybe China, Russia, Iran, Syria, 1930’s Germany, 1930’s Italy? What are we becoming?

I am really becoming concerned that for the first time in the history of the United States we will not have a peaceful transition of power, god! I hope I’m wrong!

As people are effected by this tragic pandemic, joblessness, tight money, our lives are going to become more and more desperate for answers. God help us if it becomes another four years of trump 💀