..The Year of Covfefe..

This last year, what is there to say? The Chinese say we are living through The Year of The Fire Rooster. I say we are living through The Year of Covfefe, and what a year it’s been. I’ve tried to stay practical, but the only way I can really deal with this abomination is get a little metaphysical. February 16 begins The Year of the Dog, to be more specific,The Year of the Earth Dog. Hopefully, a kinder, and gentler year for everyone. The Dog is about family, fairness, loyalty, dedication, justice, and compassion. Oh if it were only so!

I hope an awakening is upon us. I’m not asking for personal mercy, but I am asking for unconditional love for our fellow man. We are better than this! We can fund education. We can show mercy. We can be strong in our resolve for justice and compassion. We can build a new and better world. And please, please, please, women of the world, wake up and save us, save us, save us!!!

The Year of Covfefe is almost behind us. We can open a new door, where we treat each other with fairness and respect. There is no one who can direct, or can give us all the answers. So ignore the fools who say “ only I know the way.” This little gem of a planet, that we call home, is riding through some rough air right now, but hopefully we will make it through and be better for the experience. For all the negativity we have all been surrounded by, the positive will return. Like returning home, opening the door, and your loyal friend, whether your good or bad, is anxiously awaiting your return to provide you with some unconditional love!

I wana be your dog!!!!!!!!



Dhat888 - The Wizard Speaks

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