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The U.S. Postal Service Is Under Attack!


Holy moly! What next? The Interstate Highway System? The FBI? Oh ya, they’ve been under attack for the last three years! We have heard some whimpering from Congressman about how the trump administration has ignored the advice from the CDC, and put us all at risk in the face of this tragic pandemic. Oh Really, we’re pushing 170,000 deaths, and over 5,000,000 Covid cases, the most of any country in the world! trump and his cult 45 following have made it clear they would love to privatize the VA, but now the Post Office? The civil servants, who, come ice, rain or shine or pandemic, deliver our mail, our communication, our bills, our pay checks, our meds, our birthday and Christmas presents! This is more than being an asshole, an idiot, and a rich selfish fucking moron, this means war!

Things have been getting stranger by the day with the USPS, but now we find out the truth, trump and his billionaire appointed dick head buddy are trying their best to destroy the Post Office! I guess you could say trump has gone Postal! Thank god some people blew the whistle!

Democrat and Republican, House members and Seniors will be hearing from their constituents big time! This moronic move will be met with a bipartisan response because we all need to get our mail ON TIME!!! Credit card companies will be raising interest rates because of late payments, think about that, and think about the veterans, diabetic patients, and others who get their life saving meds through the mail! trump can put another 100,000 notches on his already full pistol handle. CALL YOUR CONGRESSMAN! COMPLAIN LOUDLY! WE ALL NEED THE USPS, NOT THE LITTLE WHINEY BITCH donald trump. The Hero’s Legislation that will help this problem has been in the Senate’s hands for over two months with no action by Moscow Mitch! LETS GIVE HIM A CALL!

Dhat888 - The Wizard Speaks

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