The Thing About Children

Dennis Hatfield
1 min readJul 31, 2018

The thing about children

Is you never outgrow um

Like a warm summer breeze

That rustles the leaves

And the thing about children

Is there always amazing

With a wink of an eye

I do as I please

And the thing about children

Is they’ll never leave you

And when they are gone

They’re always around

They give all so freely

Then walk away happy

And give you a gift

That’s so hard to be found

And the thing about children

Is it ain’t always easy

Got to stay on your toes

From morning till night

But you know its all worth it

When you hear happy voices

And a kiss and a hug

For you turn out the lights

But you have to protect them

From the cold winter nights

Say a prayer in the dark

To be shown the light

With a little caring and little preparing

Your life and there’s

Might work out all right