So much is being said about the horrible massacre in Las Vegas, there is nothing I can add. These mass murder events keep happening with a tragic regularity, and when no motive can be easily found or we find out it’s just another angry white man, they brand them a “lone wolf.”

  • I just have to clarify the use of the wolf as the object of defining these cold blooded human killers. Wolves are social animals. They kill to eat, ,they kill to survive, they maintain a social order, and a pack mentality. We are giving wolves a terrible identity by branding human killers with the name “lone wolf.” These human beings are not “ lone wolves,” they are domestic terrorists, cowardly, outlaw, back shooters. To put them into the category of wolves is an insult to the dog family. I have never heard of a wolf buying automatic weapons, thousands of rounds of ammo, multi round clips, and shooting more than 600 people in less than 12 minutes.
  • I realize it’s hard to understand why these terrible things happen, but to describe these cowardly acts as the actions of a “lone wolf,” is just wrong. For whatever motive, these are the acts of deranged, cowardly, domestic terrorist, outlaw, angry white man, human beings, not lone wolves!



Dhat888 - The Wizard Speaks

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