Dennis Hatfield


What an incredible country we live in! What incredible people we are so fortunate to be living with! With no, or very little leadership on the federal level of our government, a president who compares himself to George Washington, human beings from all walks of life, especially from the medical field, have stepped into the void to help all of us understand and cope with this world wide pandemic, many of them right here on Medium!

State and local governments have taken the place of our, “Murphy’s Law”, federal government, who seem to be cashing in on their inside stock trades instead of representing and caring for their constituents! We are so lucky that state governors, county and city officials, plus the medical community’s in our towns and cities are putting their lives on the line to bring their care, expertise, and comfort to our entire population, to the best of their ability! After all, they got started two months behind! donald Who???

It appears that in times like these, we do not hear the word socialism, but we do hear the word cooperation. Like, “I need your cooperation!” This is why we are an incredible free country, and why we should not fear the changes that will make us better as we go through these very trying times.

Why not just call us a Cooperative Democracy? We can cooperate to limit the spread of Coronavirus, we could cooperate to build new roads, bridges, rail roads and mass transit, we could cooperate so everyone could have medical care, we could cooperate to bring renewable energy to the forefront, we could cooperate to help with the poor and homeless, let’s cooperate, and not from the top down, but from the bottom up! Let us not waste this precious moment in time we’ve been given to better ourselves for future generations. Let’s all use this time of introspection and cooperation to truly learn that germs and viruses know no borders or races of human beings, or political parties, for that matter.

How about something like The Three C’s? Compassion, Commitment, and Cooperation. You could include Common Sense, but, to tell the truth, that’s how simple the whole concept is. If we cooperate, and follow the CDC’s guide lines, we will get through this acute Coronavirus pandemic. This life changing event will be challenging, painful, and tough to get through, but with commitment, compassion, and cooperation, we will get stronger and more resilient.

Couldn’t have said it better! Things are going to get scary my friends, so use some common sense, there’s no price that you can put on your health! Practice social distancing, wash your hands, avoid crowds, and above all listen to the medical experts and heed their advice! All of us have a responsibility, and that responsibility is to be compassionate to each other, be committed to exercise what the experts are suggesting we do, and last, but not least, Cooperate!!!