Dennis Hatfield


Am I happy, yes! Trump exposed for who he is. Ah yes, a victory for the upper crust! We could go on forever with the arguments from the Ms. Carroll case. I say, more power to her and her legal team. But it makes me wonder how many abused, raped, beaten, and assaulted women in this country have the financial resources to hire a great team of lawyers to represent them and help them win their cases!

Kind of like waiting for a kidney, liver, or heart transplant. “Hay man, got the money?” The American Caste System is hidden all over the world by the rich people who can afford to do it. You tell me, how many men and women have the money to receive what they need to make their lives better and easier. I’m happy for 80 year old Jean Carroll and her five million, but it makes me think about the way we treat the majority of our population. Flood victims, tornado survivors, gun violence victims, cancer patients, and all the others who could use an extra buck.

Let’s face it! We are living out our own American Caste System.

Hay man,

You got the money 💰 ?