Dennis Hatfield
3 min readJul 8, 2020

As a medical professional, I wish I could be bringing you some hopeful news about this tragic pandemic, but I can’t! As the days pass, and the presidential election gets closer, peoples behavior is deteriorating in such a self destructive manner it’s beyond my ability to explain! Common sense is being replaced by fanaticism that will only make a terrible situation, that could have been prevented, worse!

This story could be funny, if it weren’t so tragic, but at the same time I think it’s worth telling.

Montana does not have a large population for its size, approximately a million people spread out over the forth largest land mass state in the Union. Greg Gianforte, the rich thug that body slammed a reporter the day before he was elected to the House of Representatives, and pleaded guilty to an assault charge, is now running for Governor of Montana. Steve Daines, our Senator, is a Gianforte, trump, acolyte. A guy named Matt Rosendale is running for Gianforte’s seat in the House of Representatives. He is another so called, republican, but in reality he’s just another trump cult follower. Another interesting fact is none of these guys are from Montana. These are the rich white men that are trying, and may succeed, to set policy for the future of Montana! They are not Republicans! They are rich, opportunistic, power hungry, religious zealots, playing a dangerous political game, spreading fear and bull shit, during a pandemic, with the people of Montana as they’re hostages.

But stupid is, as stupid does! Last week Gianforte held a fundraiser at Big Sky Resort near Bozeman Mt. At the cost of $15,000 a couple I think the people who showed up were expecting something more than being exposed to Covid 19, but that is what they got!Approximately 400 people gathered in the Covid capital of Montana, Gallatin County, to meet and listen to donald trump Jr. and his Covid positive girl friend kimberly guilfoyle. Stupid is as stupid does!

Now in self imposed isolation are:

Gianforte, his family, and his running mate Kristen Jurassic

Matt Rosendale, and god knows, how many others! Hope they got their money’s worth!

What a sad, dangerous, situation we find ourselves in. A cult of pandemic deniers, running for high office while over 131,000 of our fellow Americans have lost their lives from Covid 19. How insane do you have to be to allow the American people to go on under these circumstances. Really, these people are not Republicans, they are power hungry, anti government, trump cult followers. God help us if we give them another four years!

Montana is open for business and guess what! Our Covid numbers are increasing by the day! No one is coming out of this pandemic untouched! It is long past a time for a change!

Dennis Hatfield

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