So,so sad the man (?) we elected to protect our country couldn’t even protect him self! Now that he is hospitalized and being treated the nation is witnessing the extreme disparities in our entire health care system, as far as quality of care!

I could go on about the choice of medication and the handling of the president’s care, but instead, as a health care worker, I would like to say that the White House crew all have the advantage of being tested daily, as do pro athletes. I, and my colleagues, who work with and around Covid patients, are unable to be routinely tested for lack of testing supplies. My hope is that this experience will wake the president up. With 200,000 deaths and climbing, medication shortages, the lack of adequate testing, PPE shortages, and the local ability to trace, I’m sorry to say, but after eight months of this pandemic, we are just getting started!

Mr. president, have another cocktail 🍸



Dhat888 - The Wizard Speaks

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