Dennis Hatfield


Nature calls, take a breath

Time and chance will be the test

The young and strong survive the beast

The old and frail shall find their peace

Sharp minds toil to find the cure

Simple minds simply ignore

One by one we take a breath

Mother Nature does the rest

What a week! Our federal government has failed us on a level we may not understand for years. Thank goodness for intelligent Governor’s, Mayors, and local public health officials who still have not been given the testing ability to identify infected people. Coronavirus has forced us to come together to try to help ourselves with our hands tied behind our backs! Now is time for family, time with yourself, and time to gather your strength, gather your mental fortitude, and realize that we are our brothers keeper.

Google, Twitter, Yahoo, Facebook, please, please realize our lives are in your hands. Please! I’m begging you, give us the truth. No layman bull shit, what we need is scientific facts, and practical advice to help us get through this very scary and world wide pandemic experience.

America is an amazing place. This event could be the thing that brings us together as citizens of the world. How many more warnings do we have to go through before we realize our fate as a species, on this planet, needs to be addressed. We, as a country, got started a little behind the eight ball on this one, but we will get it together. Listen to the advice of the Doctor’s, Scientists, and Experts on the practical ways to stay healthy, and then, heed the advice.

My son called me last night, just to check in, and see if we were alright. A simple gesture, but very meaningful to me. As I went to sleep last night, that simple gesture gave me a smile. Let us all check in with each other, keep our heads on straight, do the practical things to stay healthy, and do unto others what you would have them do to you. My hope for us all, is no one has to be sick, sicker, or sickest!!!☯️☮️💟 To the Medium family, good health and good luck 🍀