Dennis Hatfield
2 min readJun 26, 2020


Ryan, great post. Artists of all types find themselves,at times, not being as original as they presumed themselves to be. Your post comes at a time where multitudes of our fellow countrymen, and people all over the world are suffering unspeakable loneliness, loss, grief, and fear. I can’t tell how much I enjoyed, and was somewhat comforted, by reading it.

Many years ago I wrote a song, completely, I thought, original: but

…………….I GO ON…………….

Why did ya do me this way

Why did you pass away

We had a lot of living to do between the lines

You took a lot of me

When you ceased to be

Now memories are all that’s left behind

But I go on, yes, I go on

Though it don’t seem right to me

Yes, I go on, I go on

With this ghost that just won’t set me free

I got the mountains high

I got the oceans wide

I got the rain falling gently on my face

I got the wind that howls

And the thunder growls

Somehow without you l’ll find my place

I go on

As the days go by

I still wonder why

You got to check out before me

I guess someday I’ll learn

When it’s my turn

When this mortal body finally sets me free

I go on

Turns out maybe in the sixth grade, or so, I read a Robert Frost poem or read an interview, who knows? Let us go on!