Reminded me of a story I heard about a young beauty who carried a rattlesnake in her purse. She found herself in a bad situation on a date, and when “no!!” wasn’t good enough she let her little snakey take over. To make a long story short, her rattler, named See More, sunk his fangs deep into the poor guys cock!!!

“Call a Doctor, Call a Doctor!!!” The guy started screaming!

So without thinking, she picked up her cell and hit 911. The operator asked what the problem was, and she said someone had been bitten by a snake and what should she do? “Make two tiny incisions over the bite, and suck out the poison.”

By this time the guy was writhing on the floor, screaming “What did the Doctor say!!!”

As she was leaving, she turned and said, “He said your going to fucking die!!!”



Dhat888 - The Wizard Speaks

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