………PTSD Light……..

Dennis Hatfield
2 min readJun 22, 2018

My body and mind seem to be failing me lately. I am experiencing physical and emotional pain, inability to sleep, bad dreams, I have no desire to communicate with others, and that includes the people I love. My life long partner finally ask me, “ what’s wrong with you?”

I responded by saying, “I have no idea.” We started to talk and I was reminded of the day, many years ago, when my ex in-laws called me on the phone to inform me that they were not returning my two boys because they could provide a better home. That day started a series of events, none pleasant, that would last for years, and it made me wonder, am I flashing back?Lawyers, courts, bad and hurt feelings , money, wasted energy, and years of a total emotional blizzard. I can’t imagine anything much worse than having your children ripped away from you, it is an empty, helpless, hateful experience.

I am not a psychologist, nor am I an expert on children, I’m not a war vet ( bless them ), but I am human, and I do have strong feelings about what is happening on our Mexican border. Truth is, this nightmare has been going on for years, I guess we can thank trump, and his mob, for being so heartless that we, the people, have been slapped in the face with dirty baby diapers so we all can get a deep breath of this shitty situation.

Yes, I’ve got PTSD, but what's worse, it appears there are many of us that don’t!