… One Dozen Berrys…

When I was in the fifth grade my dad took the family, mom, my younger sister, and I for a ride to the big city. To keep it all together, my sister and I were promised we could buy something we wanted if we were good. Off we went, to the big city of Butte Montana.

I don’t remember all the details, but this I do remember. We must have been good because I came home with my first three LP albums. One was an album of Elvis Presley, one by Ricky Nelson, and one by Chuck Berry. I don’t remember the title of first two, but I’ve always remembered the name of the last, One Dozen Berrys by Chuck Berry. Check it out, it’s still a great listen. I know I drove my mom and dad crazy playing those albums, but for me, it opened the door to rock and roll. It also tuned me into a black man who rocks. To put it another way, Elvis, Rickey, and Chuck helped me break on through to the other side, before Jim did.

Chuck made 90, that’s like living to 1000 in rock n roll years. To me, Chuck is the Dope, the Cool, the ES 335 of rock n roll, and I’ll remember One Dozen Berrys, till the day I die. RIP Chuck, you had a great run.


Dhat888 - The Wizard Speaks

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