Oh Alto, thanks for keeping me on the list for the Tuesday Quotable. Your posts keep my interest, and I always like to respond in some way.

About a week ago I picked up a book that had been recommended to me about a year ago by a friend. It’s by a guy named Neil Peart, called Ghost Rider. I’m in the midst of the journey, but I’ll give you a quote or two. When I read your post and quotes I couldn’t help thinking about this book.

“ We’re only immortal for a limited time.”

Dreamline, 1991

“You can drive those wheels to the end of the road

You will still find the past right behind you.”

Carve Away The Stone, 1996

“I believe in what I see

I believe in what I hear

I believe that what I’m feeling

Changes how the world appears.”

Totem 1996

It’s an interesting read.

Dhat888 - The Wizard Speaks

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