….Montana Politics….

This evening, in Bozeman Montana, Greg Gianforte, billionaire, republican nominee for Montana’s one and only seat in the House of Representatives was given a chance to show his true colors. Instead of brushing off a British liberal reporter, and just say, “get lost”, Greg, apparently lost his mind, and if we’re all lucky, the election too. I do believe that this is Trumpentics in action. A reporter, as Trump has said, an enemy of the people, is physically body slammed, not by goons, but by the candidate himself, when he did not want to answer a simple question. As a Montana boy, this not only embarrassing, but it’s just unacceptable behavior for a person I would want to represent me in Washington D C. But who’s at the top? Another billionaire bully, surrounded by his enabling goons, what should we expect? Gianforte is just another symptom of this sick, upside down political atmosphere. The role model in state, has said, “beat the crap out him, I’ll cover your legal fees!” I hope Gianforte losses, but if he wins, we can all be comforted in the knowledge we are in the hands of self centered, hot headed, cruel hearted, thin skinned, lying, ass holes.


Dhat888 - The Wizard Speaks

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