Dennis Hatfield
3 min readNov 12, 2020


As we fall into winter, the approximately one million residents of our beautiful, relatively unspoiled state has been turned over, for its care, to three rich white men who are not native Montana men. Greg Gianforte, elected Governor, is from California. Matt Rosendale, elected to The House of Representatives, is from Maryland, and Steve Daines, elected to the Senate for the second time, is from California. They are all Republicans and, as a native Montana boy, these three men do not represent the values and love for this land that I grew up with. They all were trump supporters, and it is depressing to me that the people of Montana have bought into the sad prospect of a false, dangerous, and sad economic lie.

Montana is a poor state, rich in natural resources, rich in natural beauty, and strong people who cope with harsh weather, and lonely winters. And now we are being ravaged by the Covid pandemic that as of April has not gotten better, but has gotten much worse. Economically people are hanging on by threads, and without some type of federal assistance logistically and monetarily, more and more people and small businesses are going to be put into dire circumstances, many already are! This doesn’t even take under consideration the death and damage that has already been done by the virus!

So what, as Montanans, do we do!? We elected three rich white men who are anti government, anti women, anti immigrants, anti health care, anti social security, anti Medicare, anti Medicaid, anti affordable care act, anti food stamps, anti environment, pro selling off public lands, pro mining, pro coal and oil and natural gas fracking, pro I’ve got mine you get yours, pro more guns, so it seems trump and trumpism won in my beautiful state.

With the limited medical resources we have been provided over the last eight months to fight the Covid pandemic in our rural environment, and all the tragic consequences to come, I truly wish our new Governor, who has stated he will fight the pandemic by keeping our economy alive and thriving, good luck for the future of our Montana people he has been elected to serve! Hopefully he won’t assault members of the press again when asked about the affordable care act, and work to protect our beautiful state and our diverse population. But, as of now, to me, he’s just another carpet bagging, opportunist, rich guy, along with the other two trump acolytes! Good luck Greg, Matt, Steve, you guys should ask Senior Tester for some good advice! You can find him on his Montana family’s farm!

Oh ya!!! I’m sending some money to Georgia!!!