Montana is a red state, an apparent heaven for tucker, don jr, and others who still support the “BIG LIE”. But in this state, run by trump supporters, and right wing, out of state, rich, carpetbaggers, and with a population of barely a million people, I think that tucker thought he would be received as a truth telling celebrity from fox 🦊 news! Welcome to Montana asshole!!
Fortunately he ran into Dan! Mr Bailey got a chance to speak the truth to power and took it as a representative to many of us in Montana! Our Corona virus cases are rising daily, hospitals and their staff’s are being stressed and this pandemic is on the rise again! Montana, I’m sorry to say, has many anti vaccine believers and gets its news and advice from fox, and sinclair owned stations, so it’s easy for tucker to blow this off, but if advertisers would like to support the truth and the health of our nation they should listen to Dan Bailey! It would be a sobering number to truly know how many unnecessary deaths tucker is personally responsible for!



Dhat888 - The Wizard Speaks

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