… Merry Christmas To One and All…

For over thirty years a small group of us have been meeting on Christmas Eve to share a bowl of oyster stew, reflect on our lives, and for a few of us, renew our once a year meeting with each other. It’s always very relaxing, and has become one of the few rituals in my life that I look forward to. Conversation is always pleasant, usually about family, health, remembering those we have lost, and in general just catching up with what’s happening in our lives. Last night was different, I hope you know what I mean. I think things are a little shaky at this moment in the history of our country, and I don’t know how to explain the way it feels right now, accept to write down the lyrics of The Handsome Family’s Christmas Song.

I have nothing to say

On this Christmas Day

When you through all clothes in the snow.

Set fire to your hair, tripped over a chair

I tried to stay out of your way.

When you finally fell asleep

With blood on your teeth

I got in my truck and drove it away.

Listen to me, “Butterfly”,

There is only so much wine

You can drink in one night,

But it will never be enough to save you from

The bottom of your glass.

I parked the truck

Where the state highway starts

Got out and stared up to the stars.

As a meteor died

As it streaked across the sky

I thought about your sad shining eyes.

I went back for my cloths

Before the sun finally rose,

But you were sill pasted out on the floor.

Listen to me “Butterfly”,

There’s only so much wine

you can drink in one night.

But it will never be enough to save you from

The bottom of your glass.

Hopefully compassion and respect will prevail in the coming year, and maybe the powers that be will drink enough power wine, they just pass out on the floor. Here’s to our “Strange New World”.

Dhat888 - The Wizard Speaks

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