Lessons We All Learn

The Hard Way

As far as I can see, life at the moment, feels a little out of control. Even trying to have a reasonable conversation with a friend has become somewhat trying and difficult. Maybe it’s just me, but I always look for a reason when I feel this strange. Is it the moon phase, the hurricane, the position of the planets, am I stressed over bills or something? It appears guilt, angst, and worry will be part of me for the rest of my life, “thanks mom”. Over the years I’ve learned a few lessons, unfortunately, some of them, the hard way, witch leads me to my point.

Men are “simple tools”. I’m not saying we’re all stupid, or unfeeling, unintelligent, or not understanding. I really think that most of us really try to be good men, and that is not easy for “simple tools”. “Simple tools” don’t learn lessons easily, but when we do, they usually last a lifetime because hard lessons, none of us want to repeat.

So I’m listening to the TV this afternoon, and the commentator says here’s an audio tape of Trump having a conversation with another “simple tool”. Wow! I learned that lesson the hard way years ago! When you hear that, and you know you have said that, or something like that, when you were drunk ,or with the guys, all I can say is “Simple Tools!” They said this conversation was recorded eleven years ago, could have been yesterday as far as I know. I might have seen it in the Enquirer, I’m not sure.

Ask your self a question. Do I say? “ I can grab her any where I want, I’m rich, she’ll like it”. “Ya, I really moved on her, she was married ,but l really moved on her, bought her some furniture, better eat some tic tac’s, she may want to kiss me, I’m rich, she’ll love it”. Look, I’m not perfect, I’ve made my share of mistakes, and I’ve said things that I’m sorry for, but I’ve said my apologies and I’m not running for president yet.

So to all the “simple tools” out there,I hope we can all help Donald Trump learn a lesson. The Hard Way! For many of us it’s the only way we learn anything !

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