Dennis Hatfield
2 min readSep 12, 2022


…………………………Interesting And Refreshing……………………..

The Queen is dead. Long live the King. What an interesting week it has been, under the watchful eye of the dreamer, Pisces full moon, and the terrible anniversary of 9/11.

On a little group of islands, off the coast of Europe proper, radical change fell apon the people of England in a multitude of ways. A King, who’s been waiting for 73 years to assume the throne, and a new Prime Minster, who has the weight of leading her country out of all its multi cultural problems, have come into power all at the same time. But instead of their people reacting like they had just been released from the zoo, the change is being dealt with in a reserved, sane, and proper manner!

What we see:

A morning populous, a sense of order and civilized behavior, a shared sense of compassion and respect; and a quiet and determined responsibility to go on!

What we don’t see:

Raving maniacs storming 10 Downing Street, vandals with bear spray killing policemen and screaming for the execution of high government officials and, in total denial of maintaining a peaceful transfer of power.

I’m not saying all is perfect, but one has to admit we here in the USA still could learn some fundamental manners from our neighbor across the pond.