Michael Coen is sitting in his cell today going, “ I told you so, I told you so!” And he did! In Congressional hearings one of his warnings, that I think went unnoticed, was that trump would not leave office without violence, and I think trump realizes his job is in jeopardy, all he has to do is look at the poles. It brought pictures to my mind of angry mobs all over the country waving their weapons around screaming, “Make America Great Again, Go Back Where You Came From, Lock Her Up, Send Them Back, Drain The Swamp”, but I’m starting to understand it’s more insidious than that, I’m starting to understand what Michael Coen meant. When fear and white nationalism is what you pedal you don’t have to be a prophet to predict the future. The shooter in El Paso gently surrendered after his murderous rampage, was gently cuffed, loaded into a police car, and taken off to jail. At approximately the same time, in another city, a black man was arrested for running a stop sign. Pictures of him shortly after his arrest show he was beaten to a pulp. What have we become, my sweetest friend?

This will continue. Many questions remain to be answered like, how will we react to this assault on our democracy and rule of law by white nationalist lunatic organizations? One of my great fears is trump will now say, “ Only I can fix it and only I can keep you safe, four!!” And here is the sad part, people will actually buy it, and if he is not soundly defeated in the next election, or by some miracle, impeached, god only knows what carnage is left to be done. What can be done? Limit hate speech, no! Limit guns, no! Get rid of trump, no! Our elected officials are in a quandary, they seem to be impotent, or worse, helpless! While Rome burned Nero fiddled his demented tune! While his people suffered, Nero fiddled his demented music, sound familiar? I guess you could say while Rome burns Nero’s on the thirteenth hole, playing golf 🏌️ for the 666’s time on the taxpayers dollar, with some suck ups who expect to profit off their access to the emperor! What have we become, my sweetest friend? I’m not saying Michael Coen is a prophet, but I am saying Michael Coen has every right to say, “ I told you so!!”



Dhat888 - The Wizard Speaks

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