I refer people to The Kaiser Family Foundation for some sobering facts. This is not fake news! Let’s not talk about cancer, type 1 or 2 diabetes, old people in nursing homes, or all the other conditions that will take a life time of care. Let’s talk about baby’s. Look at the statistics for Medicaid baby’s across the United States. We, as a country, help young people, most are working people, with a way to meet there medical expenses, it’s called Medicaid. Fifty percent of baby’s born across this country have only Medicaid to help them out. In Louisiana it’s seventy six percent! Trump and Ryan’s repeal of the Affordable Care Act is not only an economic disaster for the country, but also a heartless, cruel, and lethal move against young parents, baby’s, and the unborn. They can temper their guilt by giving the states the responsibility of doling out the grants that they provide, but make no mistake, this thoughtless, racist move will hurt mothers, fathers, grandparents, and most of all, baby’s. Take some time, educate yourselves. The ACA is not perfect, but it helps the poor, and has covered more people with good insurance than any time in our history! Let’s make it better, not worse. Cover more, make life better for the yet to be born.


Dhat888 - The Wizard Speaks

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