I really do love pro sports! It’s my entertainment, my escape, I guess you could say, my Zen. Over the years a lot has changed, but pro sports has offered me a bit of a comfort zone. I have my hero’s and my goats, I have my teams, my t-shirts, my sports paraphernalia, my hoodies, and I wear and talk about my teams and my favorite players all the time. I’m a NFL fan, an NBA fan, a MLB fan, a NHL fan, a MLS fan, and a PGA fan, but in the trump era things have changed a bit. I do respect athletes who have had the courage to speak up about their personal and political beliefs one way or the other. For the most part, I can eather agree with them, like Megan Rapinoe and Colin Kaepernick, who has lost his job, or I can, more or less, blow them off, like Kirt Schilling, Tom Brady or Matt Kuchar. The money has become so gigantic it really is surprising when one of these wealthy young men or women steps up and tells us what they really think or pulls off some type of benevolent behavior that helps someone less fortunate. An example would be Stef Curry and his gift to Howard University. Very cool 😎

This brings me to golf. Three years ago I played. I still enjoy the game, but the company, not so much. This trump thing has politicized and polarized everything, especially golf! I’m not talking about pro golf now, I’m just talking about going out to play nine holes. I knew I was surrounded by conservative people for a long time, but I didn’t know I was surrounded by racist, selfish, homophobic, simple minded, bigoted, women haters. I actually tried for a few months to just ignore what was happening around me, and just play the game; impossible! And I’m not saying that there are not some fine people on both sides of the ball marker, but if you want to experience, or are looking for the ultimate in white privileged ass holes, any golf course is a good place to start.🏌🏿‍♂️

Now, let’s talk about pro golf. I was a golf fan long before Tiger Woods came on the seen, and I’m sorry that time, injury, and age has taken away a bit of his luster, because even with all his problems, he was and is still fun to watch play the game of golf. The PGA and its members have cashed in big time on a mixed race human being, and so has the USGA. I think you could say that today’s modern pro golf was built on the back of Tiger Woods, his talent, cariama, and popularity! No wonder, he’s needed surgeries on his back! Did you ever hear the expression “don’t bite the hand that feeds you?” Well the PGA and the USGA have taken that to the extreme! They have been smart about hiding their racist, homophobic, anti women, good old boy network, and are swimming in the profits hidden behind the facade of philanthropy and white privilege, kind of like the NRA, only smarter. With an unhinged, woman hating, self admitted white nationalist as the president of our country, did I mention he is a golfer, you can hear a pin drop in the silence coming from pro golf or pro golfers. This weekend thirty guys are playing for 70,000,000 dollars, not bad! A reward for playing great golf during a year when mothers and fathers were separated from their children at our borders, children were confined in cages with little to keep them warm, clean, and fead, Jews, Muslins, Blacks, and Hispanic people were shot down because they are, in the golfer trump’s own words, “invaders”. But don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Our golfer in chief has spent more time on his golf courses, at our expense, than any other president in the history of our country, although, if he has a club in his hands he can’t tweet! Come on guys and gals!! Wouldn’t you just love to hear one of the young guns on the PGA tour say, “thanks a million Tiger!! And hay, president shitforbrains, fuck off!!!”💩



Dhat888 - The Wizard Speaks

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