Here’s the scary thing. We are talking about how bad things are going to be even before he takes office. Harding is history, Trump is soon to be reality. I don’t know about you, but the words, twieet and tweeited, are sounding more profane and unsettling by the day. Jobs? Good luck. Healthcare? Good luck. All nonwhites? Good luck. Non wealthy? Good luck. Climate change? Good luck. Woman’s health? Good luck. International relations? Good luck. Maybe, we will have good luck, maybe getting twieeted won’t be as painful as I think it will be. The Military Industrial Complex is in luck, but Wall Street and small investors, good luck. Good luck to all you Trumpsters out there, cause you’re going to get twieeted as bad as the rest of us. I hate to deliver a lump of coal to you for the holidays, but I feel totally twieeted. I know there are a lot of you out there who want to say go twieet yourself, but don’t bother, because I’ll just say twieet you.


Dhat888 - The Wizard Speaks

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