Gee, I thought Joe Walsh was an Eagle, must be a different guy. Maybe he and Ted Nugent , and birds of a feather, should all get together in one place after Clinton is elected and save us all some time and money. As I recall, Nugent made very similar threats before Obama’s second term. Something like, “ If Obama’s elected I’ll be in prison within two years!” Of course Ted is still sitting on his Texas game farm, shooting gallery, whatever, telling us how good gopher guts are roasted over an open fire. These people, including Trump, are, what we like to call, chicken hawks. Making mindless, senseless threats helps nothing and serves no one. One thing the good old USA has proven over the years, we do know how to deal with rebels, one way or another. Good luck Mr. Walsh, and Ted, don’t burn your self playing with fire!

Dhat888 - The Wizard Speaks