1933 a Chancellor was appointed in Germany. I don’t think anyone really thought that by 1945 millions of people would be dead in what we now call WW2. As we sit here now, I really wonder, are ready to do it again? It appears to me, if you believe the poles, that about 41% of our population have come to the conclusion our country is not our country, it is trumpland. This phenomenon has happened more than once in our unfortunate human experience. We, the people, mistake another human being as our country instead of a representative of the people of our country, I truly believe our freedom is at stake!

For those of us who have criticized trump as a lunatic, sociopath, huckster, woman hater, racist, white nationalist, lier, moron, homophobic, and an out and out criminal, we’re already on the list. You can be sure that Steven Miller ☠️ is doing the job he was born for.

Freedom? Free speech, free movement, art, poetry? I’m telling you right now we are in jeopardy, and it’s not the game. I’m sure in 1933 people were thinking, hay, this ain’t so bad, I’m safe and warm, no problem! We are day after day watching the republicans fall into line, hearing the chants at the cult rallies, and literally watching this 73 year old man strut around the world with the illusion he is above the law! Hopefully he is wrong!



Dhat888 - The Wizard Speaks

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