I’m trying, really, I’m trying. I said to myself, no more rants, or sour grapes, hold it together, make the best of this strange situation. I keep telling myself it’s going to be okay, everything is going to work its self out. But then, our president to be, takes a personal swipe at some comments made on a TV show, I say again, a TV show! A “woman”, an actress/actor made it clear we have a classless bully at the helm. So this morning, he had to prove it again! The guy just can’t help himself, and I’m afraid he just can’t change. Where is Hunter S. Thompson when we need him, cause this is the time for gonzo journalism. I ask these questions. What are we in for when something serious happens in, or to this country, and this guy needs to take some measured responsible action? Is he trustworthy? Is he stable? Does he speak the truth, or does he feel that we, the American people, are not worth the truth? This guy hounded President Obama for years about his citizenship and his religion. Could those all have been code words for his race? President Obama responded face to face, not with a Twitter account. He berates the press for [trying] to tell the truth, then makes his Twitter account a personal attack weapon. Now he and his gang are asking for our trust and support. Four more years of this? Makes me laugh, just to keep from crying. Resist!

Dhat888 - The Wizard Speaks