Dennis Hatfield
3 min readFeb 28, 2020


My sense of humor has been so bent out of shape over the last three years it really hard to put this tragic Coronavirus situation into perspective. The trump administration has led the people of the world, let alone the citizens of the USA, down so many rabbit holes up to now, please, someone tell me, which one are we going to go down now?

I’m sitting in my home, worrying about getting older, lucky I’m still able to work, watching my meager savings grow, but knowing the inevitable consequences of our country being led by a crazy old man. Then, to add insult to injury, all the enablers who have used their time on this earth to support this lunatic. I’m sorry everyone, but all I can do, at this moment in time, is laugh. Anyone who couldn’t see this moment of truth coming, I feel sorry for you.

None of us can predict the future, but with trump and pence at the helm, I think most of us knew this era was not going to end well. A crazy man and a bible thumper, what a group to put your faith in to protect the people of the free world.

Someone in a market in China, and to be honest, it could have been anywhere, buys an infected bat to eat, and it’s as simple as that! The pandemic starts! Maybe it subsides on its own, maybe it kills millions, you tell me! trump and his smartest and best, have disassembled our governments Doctors and Scientists by defunding our scientific agencies, and eliminating our ability to respond to this potentially catastrophic situation! The pathetic response to the poor people of Puerto Rico should have been a clue, but with the launch of a few rolls of paper towels, in trump’s mind, everything was fine!

But, my friends and fellow citizens, illness, and diseases don’t lie. Mother Nature has no mercy, Mother Nature has no sense of humor, and Mother Nature will go on with us or without us. Doesn’t seem fair, does it. This is the message climate scientists have trying to explain to us for the last fifty years. You can deny the rise of CO2, you can deny sea level rise, you can deny severe storms and floods, you can deny severe drought, but there is no way to deny illness.

History tries to enlighten us, but first, we must read. How many of you have read Rachel Carson’s, Silent Spring, published in 1962? If you haven’t, put it on your reading list. I can tell you neither trump or pence have read it. There is no way not to connect our environmental destruction with the potential physical consequences of a pandemic. A Carson quote; “As crude a weapon as a caveman man’s club, the chemical barrage has been hurled against the fabric of life.”

We, again, are receiving a warning, a reminder, that life is fragile and our well being hangs in the balance of our own behavior. The Coronavirus was science fiction a month ago, Silent Spring was published in 1962, and in that time this is how far we’ve come? Exchanging the care of our Canoe in the Universe for Wall Street profits. Oh yes, my friends, we have made our investments, but Mother Nature will also make her investment, and it may not include us.🦇

We need to hear the truth from experts and health professionals who can help us understand, to the best of their knowledge, what we are dealing with! (trump and pence are not medical experts)