Dennis Hatfield
3 min readDec 9, 2023


Knives are sharp, but if you need surgery you’re gonna be assaulted and stabbed with an extremely sharp knife! There are approximately 310 million surgical procedures performed in the USA every year, so that means 310 million assaults. I realize patients sign a consent form after everything is explained to them, but bottom line is the patient is going to be put under anesthesia, and cut open with a very sharp knife! In the business, it’s called a scalpel, but in truth, it’s just an extremely sharp knife.

You may ask why am I writing about a knife? I’m not! Have you ever had an appendicitis, the only guy that died on the Louis and Clark expedition died of an appendicitis, but one way or another, having a hot appendix requires a man or woman who is an expert with a knife and the knowledge to make a diagnosis of a physical problem you could die from! This little living organ in your body has gone haywire and you need to have it removed, for lack of a better term, it needs to be killed! If you don’t get it taken care of you’re gonna have a long painful death!

Doctors spend years to establish their credentials to be experts in their chosen specialty’s and, for the most part, know of what they speak. When things go bad in a pregnancy and your specialist says you need to terminate the pregnancy for your own safety and ability for your body to recover, heal, and try again, I would take that advice seriously, wouldn’t you? I can’t imagine caring a dead baby to term, with all the possible complications of a normal pregnancy!

An appendix is living tissue, a pancreas is living tissue, I could go on, but my point is we will all be faced with putting our trust, and for that matter, our lives, in the hands of people who know how to use knives!

Privacy between patients and doctors really is a big deal! To have to literally expose yourself to politicians and lawyers to have a procedure that can let you go on with your life safely and normally is so demeaning and criminal, it is ridiculous and barbaric in 2023!

I wish that we didn’t have to suffer mental illness, cancer, infections, or ingrown toenails, but we do. I wish that every pregnancy was perfect and painless, but that is not reality, just ask any mother. That’s why we have and need doctors working in hospitals and clinics, not in court rooms or behind bars in prisons.

So next time your belly hurts so bad you feel like you’re going to die, give Dr Paxton, oops, Attorney General Paxton a call. He’s definitely good at holding a knife to your throat, but you’re gonna die!