Dennis Hatfield
2 min readAug 10, 2020

Come join us for ten days of freedom, biker games, music, T&A, a new tattoo, and most important, community spread!

God bless the innocent residents of Sturgis South Dakota, even though God doesn’t argue with Mother Nature! Sixty percent of the Sturgis residents voted to cancel the rally this year, but the city council over ruled the majority and said let it happen. So much for democracy! America’s national response to this world wide pandemic, under the leadership of donald trump, has dumped this potential catastrophe not only on South Dakota and the people of Sturgis, but the freedom loving attendees will be happy to carry Covid 19 back and, like an unwanted gift, give it to their families, friends, and anyone else they sneeze on.

Ignoring medical advice, scientific knowledge, and just simple common sense, will exact a heavy price! trump said, “This carnage will end now!” No! The carnage is just beginning!

Welcome to the antithesis of Woodstock! I’m sure the black market vendors have plenty of injectable Clorox, Lysol, and Crystal Drano for 300,000! Stay safe, boys and girls, hope you have the time of your lives!