Dennis Hatfield
3 min readJul 23, 2020


I know, for a fact, medical staff’s all over the country are meeting in their conference rooms to discuss some very hard and serious truths. Our medical ethics, and the way we care for our patients are being tested and stressed in a way none of us could have ever anticipate or imagined. Obviously, we should have, but trump through away the 67 page “ How To Respond To A Pandemic!” It was giving to him, along with a briefing, by the Obama administration after they successfully dealt with the Ebola pandemic.

The only time I have heard this tragic situation of care rationing by medical staffs discussed in the media, was in Italy at the height of the Covid outbreak in northern Italy. The hospital’s became so over run, health professionals had to make the decisions over life or death, who would be treated and who wouldn’t! Guess what? Those decisions are being made right here, right now, all over this country! A polite way of saying who lives and who dies is that we will “triage” our patients, but in truth, what we are being forced to do is rationing care! Here’s how it works! “Over 80, you die! Comorbidity, you die! We’ll try to save those healthy ones!” The truth is scarier than fiction!

Medical Staffs, because of our totally mishandled, stupid, response to this pandemic, are trying to come to grips with decisions they have to make on a moment’s notice, and on an everyday basis. We will be haunted by this tragic experience for the rest of our lives.

Testing is a joke, two to seven days for a result if you can get a test, trump wants to open schools, the curve of illness is rising, Fauci, the FDA and the CDC have been muzzled, lots of people have no or inadequate insurance, 50 million jobs lost, and that’s just for starters! Ya! Medical Staffs have a lot to talk and think about. Put yourself in an ER Doctor’s shoes, or anyone doing hands on health care, we are all scared shitless, not only for our patients, but for ourselves! Over 800 health care professionals have lost their lives caring for their patients, and that estimate may be very low.

No vaccine until next year, maybe! But with no national response or guidance, here’s what happens. Ration masks, ration PPE, ration ventilators, ration vital drugs, ration kidney dialysis machine’s, and yes, ration grandma’s and grandpa’s care! Line up the refrigerator trucks, it’s going to get a lot worse!

Great job trump 🏌🏿‍♂️pence, lindsey, mitch,and your republican’s💀🤡💩