Dennis Hatfield
2 min readApr 10, 2020

This morning I listened to Bernie Sanders break hearts. As I watched and listened, I found myself getting kind of emotional and sad. It’s been a long time since 1968, that was the year many of us were radicalized in the eyes of the “silent majority”, and then and now, Bernie spoke for many of us who wanted a more peaceful and egalitarian society since that volatile period of time in our country. Instead, we got Tricky Dick Nixon, Ray-Gun, and two of the blue blood Bush’s. To be honest, the last 50 years for many of us, it has been maddening, disappointing, frustrating, and harsh! But like good citizens, we lived with it.

Today, in the midst of this tragic and unprecedented pandemic, Bernie made the tough decision of letting go. Imagine, a lifetime of fighting for the little guy, some type of income equality for all, universal health care, human care and respect for our planet, and so many other reasonable policies that many of us thought would happen many years ago. Sadness, beyond words, doesn’t describe the feelings we are left with at this moment.

Elections have consequences, how many times have we heard that one, but just look at the last three years! If Biden is elected, and Moscow mitch is thrown out, let’s all think about what he is going to inherit. No elected human being in the history of the USA, except Lincoln, and they shot him, will face the repair job that trump has left in his wake of corruption and incompetence! Every cabinet position has either been destroyed or used as a personal bank account by the rotating group of opportunists that have held those positions of trust. What a mess!

Biden, now, has his hands full! As the world’s economy is in a precarious balancing act, an active pandemic that has no cure at the moment, makes its way around the world, the American workers sitting in their homes wondering how they are going to pay their bills, an overloaded health care system under enormous fear and stress, it goes to show Bernie was speaking the truth from the very beginning. I hope Uncle Joe gets the message, and l wish him good health, wisdom, compassion, and courage to take on this incomprehensible task!