Ask me if I remember!? Yeah, Ask me if I remember, “love it or leave it?!”My dad would shout it in my face, and so would people I didn’t even know, and I can tell you, I heard it more than once. We were protesting the war in Vietnam. President LBJ and Nixon took many different actions, some lawful and some not so lawful, to suppress what they were characterizing as commie agitators, pinkos, left wing radicals, uppity blacks, and unpatriotic, ungrateful, spoiled college students. “Yeah! Love it, or leave it!” What a great bullshit line. The war, race riots, and the peace movement tore this country apart, Johnson quit, Nixon was impeached! I could say, here we go again, but this time I think it’s much worse! This time it’s way more personal, racist, and hateful. There is no hidden agendas this time, it has become out and out, in your face, fear mongering, race baiting, and, this is my biggest fear, inciting violence by a president who’s trademark should have been Make America Hate! Unfortunately there are people among us who will take trump’s hatful rhetoric as a demented command to violence. They already have! This is what 2019 comes down to? This is how far we’ve progressed in this world? How sad, how pathetic and pathological we’ve become as a nation. Can we wait until 2020 to have this tumor removed? If you’re doctor told you, “you have cancer, and we need to remove it before it spreads”, would you say “I’ll wait until 2020, maybe I will take care of it then”. I don’t think so! Hasn’t this con man done enough damage? Write, call, tweet your congressman, tell them it’s time for trump to go!

I stand with The Squad, I fear for The Squad. trump knows what he’s doing in a demonic way, and knows perfectly well that he has put the lives of Cortez, Omar, Presley, and Tlaib in danger and at risk! How could an elected human being, the president of the USA 🇺🇸, lower himself to this level? To be honest, I have no answer to that question, and to the people who support him, l have no answer to that question either. I have no answers but I continue to have hope. Hope that we can improve our health care, hope that we can fix our pot holes, hope we can address climate change, hope we can improve our education system, and realize that “Only I Can Fix It” is the lie of the century, when we know in our hearts that “Only We Can Fix It!”



Dhat888 - The Wizard Speaks

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