An Amateur Take on the Olympics

I’m sitting here, on my TV spot, volume blaring, trying to prepare myself for the post Olympic depression I’m about to go through. Every four years this event has captivated my attention as well as my imagination with its spectrum of athletic and human stories that are more than entertaining. We can all argue about how NBC handled the coverage, but , for me, it didn’t stop the joy or pain on the faces of the competitors, or the emotion I felt watching these incredible human beings do their thing!

It is somewhat ironic that this worldly event happens as the USA is locked in it’s own struggle for racial unity, open borders, equality for women, gay rights, voting rights, Supreme Court Judges, immigrants, and a lot of other stuff I can’t think of at the moment.

During the Olympic coverage I never heard the words, “OOPS,I’m not going to say it.” The big news story was a torn up restroom! I’m sure a few people had bummers, but all in all it appears Rio was pretty cool.

  • It’s four years till Tokyo; and the countries of the world, whether they hate each other or not, will get together for another big Greek athletic party again. “Red, or yellow, black, or white, they are precious in his sight”, or as the Bear from Canned Heat would say,” Good People Everywhere That You Go!” Hopefully l will be sitting in my TV spot, volume blaring, knowing two weeks from that moment I will experience post Olympic depression again.

Dhat888 - The Wizard Speaks

Dhat888 - The Wizard Speaks