The last two months have been extremely trying. A sense of being alone, fear of the unknown, the fear of getting ill, no work, people dying, people justifiably freaking out, a strangled economy, strange conversations with loved ones, and just an absence of any sense of leadership. And then, there’s the bad side!

The other day, in Utah, a five year old grabbed the keys to the family car and headed for California to buy a Lamborghini. He didn’t know how to drive, but he made it to the freeway before he was stopped by a highway patrolman! Sounds like the last three years with trump, except the authorities are afraid to pull him over!

November is going to be upon us before we know it, and the election seems like an easy choice, but my mind has been in overdrive about who should lead us out of this mess! I will vote for Biden and who ever is chosen to be his Vice President. I know he will put intelligent people around him, including a House of Representatives and Senate that will be Democratic hopefully, that will start to repair the damage that has been done, but watching what Governor Cuomo has done in New York and Governor Newsom in California, I wonder if Biden is up to the task ahead of him. President Cuomo or President Newsom would bring empathetic leadership to our country and be leaders that we could trust to, at least, tell us the truth, who believe in science, and who have already been on the front line of this tragic pandemic! They both lead states with economies that rival most of the world’s countries, they both have sophisticated leadership skills, yes, they’re both white men, but they are young and energetic, both have shown cool heads and courage in the face of potential catastrophe, and to my knowledge they both have relatively clean records.


Dhat888 - The Wizard Speaks

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