Dennis Hatfield
3 min readApr 29, 2021


This frustrating take on the news, and I’m now specifically talking about MSNBC, has been going on way to long. There is a definite left leaning aspect to MSNBC’s coverage of the world events, but it really does appear, to me, that there is a sense of obligation that both sides of the political spectrum should be explored, talked about, and examined. But let’s face facts, there aren’t two sides of this sad story anymore! There is a practical and truthful way of moving forward in this life, and then there is just plain crazy!

Under normal circumstances I would respect a news organization that treated liberal and conservative ideas with equal and fair coverage, and give us all a chance to try to understand the truth behind people with different ideas and solutions to find practical ways of extracting ourselves from things like joblessness, global warming, climate change, child hunger, infrastructure, immigration, police, corporate, and military systemic racism, and last, but not least, a global pandemic, but that is not the reality that we are living through.

Over the last five years our lunatic fringe, that has aiways been here, has been unleashed to create a mob of gun toting, vigilante, anti vaccine, anti American, anti government, conspiracy believing, domestic violent terrorists! There is President Biden, his administration, and his agenda, then there is — — — — — ??? WHAT? Braveheart? Help me out here!

How in the world do you reason with CRAZY??? I wake up in the morning, another black man is shot five times, the Republicans sat on their hands during Biden’s speech, the MSNBC commentators and all their back and forth taking about compromise to pass Biden’s agenda and if we can’t get it through, “jee whiz, what are we going to do?” Seriously, I’m getting sick of the whole thing! I think it’s time to pull the plug! It’s time to get real! It’s time to expose the truth to everyone over and over again, like it or not, until we get it.

Freedom means different things to different people, but MSNBC should rebrand its self as THE TRUTH HURTS CHANNEL Sad but true! I hate…