A Blow Seen Round The World

For the last two weeks I’ve been thinking, what would I really do if we vaporized North Korea. I think of George Carlin’s rap, that it’s our job to kill little brown people, and wonder what he would say today about this fiasco we are all involved in. It is hard for me to believe that anyone could wish for, hope for, or consider an atomic exchange among fellow human beings, no matter what our differences are. I’ve heard very smart people from both sides of the political spectrum say they're worried, that to me, is not comforting.

This whole thing is so ridiculous and not funny, that when I watched New Rules on Maher’s show last night I came to grips with how bizarre and crazy our predicament has become. The trump, putin becoming very good friends bit, was so perfect, and the timing so excellent,that it nailed our situation perfectly. North Korea didn’t have an election, but we did, and look what we’ve got. I finished reading Tim Grierson post on the Russian Olympic doping scandal this morning, and it flows into the all the possibilities of what could have happened to our election, and what may be happening as we speak. So many unanswered questions still to be revealed, but I saw a picture last night that proves that trump and putin are very, very, good friends. It’s a blow seen round the world.

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