• There was a newspaper comic strip I remember reading, and getting a chuckle out of, when I was a kid. It was a daily look at this no luck army grunt who could never get a break. He was created by a WW 2 army Sgt. named George Baker, who in his own way, succeeded in representing the mundane day to day life of a poor army private he named Sad Sack. Poor Sad Sack, when he broke up with his girlfriend, his family sided with her! If you remember the Sad Sack stories over the years, I think, in…

Shed doubt on Obama’s citizenship and religion

So let’s kill the Cuomo’s

Call all Hispanic people: rapists, murders, and drug dealers

So let’s kill the Cuomo’s

Work with Russia to get elected

So let’s kill the Cuomo’s

Fuck anything you can after you grab um by the pussy and introduced them to Jeffrey Epstein

So let’s kill the Cuomo’s

Hire thieves and thugs to cabinet positions

So let’s kill the Cuomo’s

Tell dandy bald face lies every time you face the press and public

So let’s kill the Cuomo’s

Make kissy huggy with every strong man dictator in the world

Rumors have been circulating that trump will be reinstated as president in August. Many people have been wondering how this crazy situation could possibly happen, we know now that the chimpanzee 🦍 dot ninja 🥷 turtle recounts, based on information received by nonhuman alien 👽 communicators, is not going to work, so there had to be some other way Biden and Harris had to be removed!

It appears the plot has been uncovered! Two men have come forward to reveal one of the most bizarre, sinister, dreamed up plots that have ever been uncovered by under cover agents. The two…

Dennis Hatfield

Dhat888 - The Wizard Speaks

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